How to move WhatsApp between mobiles

Hi, have you bought a brand new flaming smartphone and want to move WhatsApp between mobiles?

move whatsapp between mobiles

Ok, now you know that WhatsApp will not migrate local data on other phones… All chats, images, audio or video are lost with old phone ;(

What can we do? Keep calm an let’s see the start situation and prerequisites:

1) You have the new Android smartphone with your sim inside working normal

2) The new device has the whatsup installed but not old datas (or anyway you want to install it)

3) The old glorious Android phone is abandoned on the table with battery almost dead… and switched off… but sill working

4) You have a computer with USB2 or a NAS wireless available on network

5) You have both phones connectable to computer via USB cable or wireless

6) Both android have nearly the same android version (hopefully the same but at least both 4.x)

Then we are ready: we have both mobiles working and ready to copy files on a common network/usb device đŸ™‚

This procedure has been tested to migrate 2 configuration from android 4.2.2 to 4.4.2 an from 4.4.2 to 4.4.2 and is provided as is without any warranty: may brick your device or some app. Do it on your responsibility and remember that a backup can always help đŸ™‚

move whatsapp between mobiles
From 4.2.2 to 4.4.2

Now its time to start:

1) Ensure both phones are switched on and are working

2) Connect to Google play store and install a file manager like ES File Explorer, or Astro or which you prefer

3) Connect old phone to computer by USB cable or a network share by file manager (astro need Astro smb module to connect to windows share)

4) Copy the whole folder “/sdcard/WhatsApp” from the old phone to the share in the way you chosed (usb or network share). Once done you can switch off old mobile

5) Install, open and configure “WhatsApp” on new phone (if not already done): this is useful to create the “WhatsApp” folder on new device

6) Uninstall WhatsApp from the new phone before going on: better to uninstall the app and reboot the mobile

7) Connect the new smartphone to the share or by USB and use the file manager to copy the folder from the old phone to the new device: it’s necessary to overwrite all files and directory created from previous installation, usually in /sdcard/WhatsApp

8) Reinstall WhatsApp and … Tada!

All is working? hope so đŸ˜‰



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